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Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden – Key West, FL

Bottom line: 
I’m conflicted on this one.

Pros: Birds seem well nourished, the web (Atlas Obscura, Trip Advisor) seems to have good reviews of Nancy who runs the place
Cons: Birds are in cages and flight feathers clipped. Some were dropped off as unwanted pets, some are unable to fly due to wings that didn’t heal properly, but others technically could fly if their flight feathers weren’t clipped. It’s not a lanai or aviary — they are brought out on perches and while they’re not made to perform, animals in cages rub me wrong. When asked if they could be released to the wild, the response was no because they had been bred in captivity and wouldn’t know how to make it in the wild. Also, the website makes it seem like visitors can feed and touch the birds. That’s not the case. –

The birds are gorgeous and beautiful to visit with but to be clear this is not a preserve. This is a place where you can visit large birds in the backyard of a house in Key West and you pay in cash. –

Make what you will of that info.

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