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Everglades National Park – Miami, FL

Bottom line:
GO ✅ We went to Gator Park where we paid for an airboat ride. The kids loved it and even if you don’t see a ton of wildlife (we saw birds, turtles and a few gators) the boat ride by itself is fun.

Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 💫 4.5/5 stars
Pros: Boat ride is fun, you’re surrounded by nature and you’re able to see wildlife in their natural habitat.
Cons: We skipped the animal show that they have at the dock; that felt counterintuitive. You go see wildlife in the wild and then there’s a show where people try to handle alligators for entertainment and other animals that are better left… WILD. Just my two cents though. The show is included in the admission price.

PRO-TIP: Note that there are tours for the Everglades on the Miami side as well as the Naples side. Be sure to select the right one when booking. The companies normally provide ear protection but if you have noise reduction headsets for your munchkins, bring them; they’re more comfortable.

What is it?:
A national park with several places where you can hike or pay for an airboat tour (which is what we did). We went through Gator Park.

9AM – 5:00PM

Adults – $19.99 online, $24.99 onsite; + $3.00/pp state park fee unless you have an NPS annual pass
Children 6-11 years – $12.99
5 years and under – Free

They also offer private tours:
Number of people in the party:

  • 1-4 People: $250
  • 5-6 People: $300
  • 7-10 People: $400
  • 11-12 People: $500
  • 13-20 People: $600

Website: https://www.gatorpark.com/

Onsite parking.

Where is it?:



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