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Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Bottom line:
GO ✅ – While the bioluminescence exhibit left something to be desired, the aquarium is open air on the top side and domed underneath so you can see the sharks and rays swimming overhead. There is a planetarium that shows movies (included in the price if you purchase admission — if you used the ASTC reciprocal program, you pay $5 per person for the movies). There are two exhibits dedicated to DaVinci’s inventions and a cool aerodynamics area where the kids can test out paper airplanes. The parking garage and outdoor area is shared with the Perez Museum of Art so be sure to check out the swings and outdoor art there.

Overall:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5 stars
Pros: It’s hands on and educational. Aquarium, Aerodynamic section, Planetarium movie,  the roof view is spectacular – don’t miss it. 
Cons: The DaVinci exhibit could use some updating, the part where the kids can learn about germs and anatomy was just meh. Aviary has some birds that are in an area where they cannot fly. The aquarium is large but lacks any type of plant life or places for the fish to hide when they’ve had enough of being stared at. The bioluminescence exhibit was billed as their star attraction but lacks anything beyond basic info about bioluminescent animals. There are a few live bioluminescent shrimp but can barely be seen. We’ve seen a few other bioluminescent exhibits around the country and this one could be way better.

What is it?:
It’s a science museum with 6 floors of interactive exhibits.

9:30AM – 6PM Sunday through Thursday
9:30 AM – 7:30PM Friday & Saturday

Ages 12+: $29.95
Kids 3-11: $20.95
Reciprocal membership with the ASTC Travel Passport program allows you free entry but you pay $5 per person for the planetarium movies.

Under the complex – shares a parking garage with the Perez Museum of Art. Rates are $8 for the first hour and $4 for each additional hour. (Max daily rate of $40).

Where is it?:

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