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The French Quarter – New Orleans, LA

What is it?:
A neighborhood in New Orleans that is where all the action happens. The famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) Bourbon Street is there, along with Jackson Square, Cafe du Monde, Muriels Restaurant and a host of other fun places. It’s the place to go to hear street music and see street performers, to see the river, eat some good food and grab a drink (or two).

Bottom line:
GO! – If you don’t see anything else in New Orleans, you have to go to the French Quarter. It is the heart and soul of New Orleans and is the place to go to feel the spirit of the city. Things to see there: Preservation Hall (Jazz for all ages), Bourbon St (during the day for minors), Jackson Square and the cathedral there, the street performers in front of the cathedral, several shops selling hand made masks, Muriels for dinner (appropriate dinner attire but jacket not required).

Pros: Beautiful, historic neighborhood that embodies the soul of New Orleans.
Cons: Avoid the bar area at night if you have kiddos. The outskirts around Decatur and Jackson Square are okay.

Time of Year of Review: 
February/March 2019

Where is it?:



Mask from a boutique

Dinner at Muriels:

The crowd on Bourbon Street during Carnival season (i.e. right before Mardi Gras)


Faulkner Books

Street Performers

Decorations in preparation for Mardi Gras

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