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The Garden District – New Orleans, LA

What is it?:
A neighborhood in New Orleans that is where all the celebrities live, where you can find Lafayette Cemetery Number 1, Commander’s Palace (a superb place to have brunch) and the Garden District Books Shop.

Bottom line:
GO! – Go putz around the neighborhood (Sandra Bullock, the Carters — Jay Z and Beyonce, The Mannings — Peyton and Eli’s parents, and John Goodman all have homes there) and explore the cemetery. It’s a beautiful and historic place. The book shop is adorable and right next door to a little coffee shop, and if you’re feeling like a fancy brunch, hit up Commander’s Palace (jacket required!).

Pros: Beautiful, historic neighborhood.
Cons: If you’re looking for lots of shops and things to do this isn’t the place. It’s primarily residential.

Time of Year of Review: 
February/March 2019

Where is it?:


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