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Houston Rodeo – Houston, TX

What is it?:
An annual event held in Houston at NRG stadium that lasts several weeks and boasts rodeo events such as steer wrestling, barrel racing and livestock shows (like dog shows but with cows etc). There are also concerts after the rodeo events on weekends.

Bottom line:
GO! – If you’re in town when the rodeo is happening, definitely go.

Overall:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 4.5/5
Pros: Great opportunity to experience “cowboy” culture and so some livestock and learn about Texas.
Cons: It can get crowded, and the concert tickets are sold separately and can be rather expensive.

We didn’t arrive in Houston until the last day of the rodeo so we missed the actual rodeo events but the general admission (the grounds pass) by itself was great. It included things like:

  • Shopping for cowboy gear like boots and hats
  • Food vendors for everything from barbecue and enchiladas to ice cream and carnival style treats
  • Petting area for livestock (goats, llamas, horses) – get there early and bring cash.
  • Pony rides
  • Learning about regions of Texas and what they produce
  • Petting bunnies
  • Planting sunflowers
  • Watching livestock shows (like dog shows but with cattle)
  • Learning about how cows are milked
  • Riding on stationary tractors

Time of Year of Review:
March 2019



RODEO: Individual Performances $20 – $350
RODEO: Premium Seating $125 – $6000
RODEO: Season Tickets $400 – $7000
Grounds pass only – Adults $15
Grounds pass only – Kids $5

See more here:

Parking onsite then a shuttle takes you to the main gate.

Where is it?:

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