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Top 5 Things to See and Eat in Houston, TX

We enjoyed Houston way more than we thought we would. We were thrilled at the amount of cultural activities and impressed by the food selection. Check out our top 5 lists (this is based on what we did and not on what would be considered “trendy“).

1. Johnson Space Center – I mean, it’s Houston. It’s that touristy thing that you have to do because the city is known for it!

2. The Houston Graffiti Building – Houston is very colorful and you would be missing out if you didn’t take the time to go explore the street art.

3. Fine Arts Museum – Go see some Jackson Pollock and if you go soon, some Van Gogh too!

4. Houston Rodeo – If you’re in town for it, it’s a must do.

5. Museum of Natural Science – A beautiful collection of artifacts to peruse + a butterfly pavilion right next door.


1. Vietnamese Crawfish — It is the bomb diggity. No, for real. It is the best crawfish you’ll ever eat. Try it at Crawfish and Noodles:


2. Indian food at Pondicheri:


3. Ramen noodles and a lychee martini at Jinya Ramen Bar:


4. Conveyor Belt Sushi at Kura Revolving Sushi Bar:


5. Grab a fresh take on modern American fare at Riel:

BONUS: Grab some barbecue while you’re in town at the Rodeo – delish! (Note: As we traveled, we did find that we liked the barbecue toward the central part of Texas best).

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