As much as I love blogs, I also hate when they get long winded. Get to the point, will ya? We’re all busy and as much as it is a pleasure to read generally, when I’m reading travel stuff, it’s for a purpose. I want to know where it is, how much it’s going to cost me, when to go… I want a synopsis with a bottom line of whether or not it’s worth it. I don’t need all the fluff. So that’s what this blog will be: a quick and dirty review of the cities and places we travel to so you can decide in a snap whether or not it’s worth a visit.  


Hubs: Works in tech. Telecommutes. Loves cars and is generally mechanically inclined so he’s good at fixing stuff. He also loves tacos and miniature soup dumplings. Big ‘ol teddy bear that rocks a beard and loves warm weather.  Has been to 10+ countries.

Me: Former HR professional. Culinary degree. I like to cook but I LOVE to eat. Chocolate, Coffee, Wine, Whiskey. I speak 3 languages fluently and play the piano moderately well. I’ve been to 30+ countries. I homeschool the munchkins (we’re secular homeschoolers). I am a self-proclaimed paparazzi mom and take photos of EVERYTHING. I’m also a bibliophile that reads and reviews contemporary romance, young adult, paranormal romance and fantasy books. I read some non-fiction too but not quite as often. I run a book blog and Instagram page called The Quick and Dirty Bibliophile (surprise, surprise). 🙂 Come say hey!

The kids: They love Harry Potter, Minecraft and being in the water. Our 2nd grader has an affinity for cooking and is a voracious reader like her Mama, our 1st grader is our miracle baby born at 32weeks who loves Star Wars and our Kindergartner is the sassiest of the bunch and also the mama hen.

We had an epiphany moment, realizing we didn’t have much tying us to the city we were in and decided to rent the house, sell most of our stuff and hit the road. I mean, why not? I don’t want to wait until I’m 60-something and retired to go travel. Who knows if I’ll still be kicking by then. Besides, what better way for the kids to learn than to experience it hands on?

We started this blog a little late in our journey so check this post out to see what you’ve missed:

We decided to start with the US because we hadn’t seen all of it yet and it made the most sense since my husband works for an American company. We have some international trips planned, starting with a trip to Palawan this winter. Stay tuned!

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